Sampling and Study of Amphibians Populations

This programme was led by specialists and advanced biology students. In addition to the study of amphibian populations, the Programme aims to inform the community about the different species to help their revaluation, in a mind set of raising environmental awareness.

The study was conducted in two horticultural fields located southwest from La Plata (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina), where different types of agricultural methods are used: traditional (with agrochemicals) and organic (without agrochemicals).

The objective is to compare the two farms’ anuran populations.

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Why is it important to know amphibians of your area?

Amphibians are an important part of ecosystems. They are great biological indicators of the surrounding pollution, urbanization and environmental degradation in general.

In Argentina, there are around 200 amphibian species distributed in various ecosystems. Environmental fragmentation and degradation are the main problems affecting amphibians. To be able to protect them, it is important to first get to know them, so in addition to the field survey, we also prepared an informative pamphlet explaining the general characteristics of each specie.

You can find a summary of our work here: Revista Ranas y Sapos (Spanish only)

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