La Plata Citizen Forum (FOCALP)

The Fundación joined this forum along with other environmental and common good associations, workers and student organizations, institutions and intermediary bodies. All are committing to build an inclusive city, side by side. The forum’s motto is “a city to enjoy without suffering.” The forum, a nonpartisan group, is not influenced by any sectarian or economic interest, it prioritizes the majority’s interest to enhance the community’s life quality. In this project, topics such as the following are studied in depth and debated:

  1. Efficient and functional public transportation system, including convenient and non-polluting alternatives;
  2. Marking of pedestrian crosswalks in all habited areas of La Plata, and not only in the downtown;
  3. Campaigns for environmental awareness-raising at all levels and for all sectors, and with more emphasis given to the respect of the priority to pedestrian and citizens with different capacities;
  4. Development of bicycle lane, cycle paths and active paths;
  5. Exclusivity right to study the planning of major works that might jeopardize the city’s cultural and environmental heritage and that imply an increase of the pollution and the chaotic traffic and a degradation of the buildings and the physical environment; and
  6. Unconditional defence of plazas, parks and green spaces, last nature’s strongholds within big cities that still resist cement invasion. These spaces are true oasis to pause, to leisure and to get in touch with nature. If these spaces are erased in favour of drivers always claiming more space, it would become another shameful act of nature’s destruction.

The project Terminal Ferroautomotor de La Plata (“Car Terminal La Plata”) was led in the framework of this forum in order to move the current car station and build a new one in La Plata. The forum also led the project El Respeto de la Voluntad Popular es la Esencia de la Democracia (“The Respect of Popular Will as the Root of Democracy”), as well as a campaign in opposition to the construction project of underground parking in Plaza San Martin y Plaza Moreno.




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