Preparing the 4th Encounter of Environmental Officials

We are presently organizing the 4th Encuentro de Responsables Ambientales de Estados, Provincias y Regiones de América Latina y el Caribe (“Meeting of National, Provincial and Regional Environmental Officials of Latin America and the Caribbean”). This event will take place on October 5, 2017, in the framework of the Semana de Sustentabilidad (“Sustainability Week”), October 2 to 6, and the 2nd Foro de Calidad del Aire (“Air Quality Forum”) taking place on October 4, in the convention centre of Poliforum León (Mexico).

The main topic covered during the encounter will be Programas de Cambio Climático Exitosos en América Latina y el Caribe (“Successful Climate Change Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean”). The one-day encounter will give to the organizations the opportunity to present a 30-minute lecture in relation to the main topic. This encounter will also be an opportunity for Environmental Officials to share successful environmental projects or other interesting lectures.

This is the fourth encounter that we organize and every time we are more motivated, thanks to the positive comments we receive from the participants and the exhibitors after each event regarding the topics raised and the importance of this type of event in order to establish connections between Environmental Officials and International Organizations and the expectation to carry out more successful environmental projects.

For more information concerning the 4th encounter: Foro de Responsables Ambientales (Spanish only)