Course: Bonsai cultivation

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Recognize and learn the basics about the art of Bonsai. Know your main requirements and care for full development.



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Every Saturday

8 clases teórico-practicas (1 clase semanal).

10:00 to 12:00hs

8 theoretical-practical classes (1 weekly class)

$580 (It is paid only once in the year)

$650 (2 total)

Emanuel Santacá


Class program

Class 1 (theoretical-practical) 

  • Definition of bonsai.
  • Árboles y arbustos. Principales diferencias.
  • Cultivation in pots and soil preparation.
  • Principal parts of root, branches and leaves.
  • Method of pruning-drastic pruning.
  • Plants suitable for the cultivation of bonsai.
  • Deciduous and persistent plants.

Class 2 (theoretical-practical) 

  • Wiring. How and when to wire.
  • Branch pruning
  • Pinching of buds and budding of buds.
  • Leaf cutting or defoliation.
  • Forms of glasses. Structure and contour 

Class 3  (theoretical-practical) 

  • Trunk thickening technique.
  • Aging techniques
  • Trunk and its relation to the cup.

Clase 4

  • Practical class.

Class 5  (theoretical-practical) 

  • Style mounted on stone.
  • Reduction of root mass.
  • Exposure of mound roots and their relationship with the pot.
  • Armed with kokedama.

Class 6 (theoretical-practical) 

  • Most common pests and infections.
  • Control and prevention.
  • Agrochemicals. General rules for its use.
  • Inorganic fertilizers Advantages and disadvantages.

Clase 7 

  • Practical class.

Class 8 (theoretical-practical) 

  • Sexual propagation Seeds.
  • Asexual propagation. Gajos, air layers.
  • Materiales.

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