Fruit Conservation

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Train and train labor for the conservation and industrialization of fruits, update in productive economic technical aspects of commercial and agricultural food and industrial administration.



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Juan Luis Novelino.


Module 1: Fundamentals of conservation . Generalities on food preservation. Simple pH concept Water activity, simple concepts. Practical work.

Module 2: Buenas prácticas de manufactura. Definiciones. Principios generales para las materias primas. Condiciones higiénico-sanitarias de los establecimientos elaboradores. Manipulación de la cosecha.  Washing and cleaning, selection and classification. Bare. Scalding. Pasteurization. Practical work.

Module 3: Fruits, Classification according to their characteristics. Making jams. Raw materials: Fruits, sugar, acids, pectins, water, dyes. Meaning of pH, its measurement. The sweetening of sweets. Final point of jam.

Module 4: Technique of making jams. Calculation of the formula of a jam. Cooking procedures. Softening of the fruit Addition of sugar Recipes of jams. Practical works made with seasonal fruits.

Module 5: Special elaborations Light jams. Jams Fruit spreads. Marmalades with stevia. Marmalades in bread.

Module 6: Types of sweeteners. Natural sweeteners. Sugars (organic, whole). Stevia Other sweeteners Acidifiers.

Module 7: Importance of the flavors and aromas in the elaborations.

Module 8: Defects of the preparation of jams . Hard jams, color changes. Citrus fruit marmalades, operations to follow, important points to consider. Polished and glazed fruits. Generalities Processing processes. Polished shells.

Module 9: Syrups Generalities Elaboration process. Final point. Packing. Methods and forms of elaboration in pot and in vacuum confectioner, etc. Fruits natural. Choice of variety, degree of maturity, preparation of fruits, peeling by different methods and packaging.

Elaborations in class

Class 2: Plum jam

Class 3: Peach jam with pectin

Class 4: Damask light marmalade / blueberries / strawberry

Class 5: Strawberry / plum jam

Class 6: Marmalade in quince bread

Class 7: Marmalade with stevia

Class 8: Closing and processing by order of the class


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