Statistics, Facts, Public Surveys

Soybean cultivation, implementation of renewable energies, cattle raising as an environmental challenge, effects of climate change: all are topics covered in the various environmental research being carried out by the Fundación.


Collecting statistics, facts, making public surveys, consult with experts, as well as studies on the field, are necessary components to know and understand reality. It is the Fundación’s work to observe, to put this information in context and to make the results obtained available to all citizens, so that together we can take measures to change this reality and create a city, a region, and thus, a more sustainable world.



Since 1990, the area covered with soybean cultivation has multiplied by four in Argentina, while the use of pesticides has multiplied by eleven.


The total area devoted to soybean cultivation in Argentina is equivalent to the area of countries such as Uruguay, Cambodia, Syria or Senegal.


Although global solar radiation in the city of Buenos Aires is 60% higher than in Berlin, the photovoltaic solar power potential is 1,750 times larger than that of the German capital.


In the flood of 2013, 1/6 of the annual precipitation fell in one day. In other words, it was 2/3 of the precipitation received during the whole autumn.