Biosfera, Providing Counselling for Companies

Today’s companies need to be recognized for their good environmental practices to win foreign markets. They must take into account the processes efficiency, the use of energy, the equipment adequacy and try not to generate waste, whose treatment generates extra costs.In terms of natural resources, good management and good production practises avoid a contamination of soil, air and water that would cause negative impacts and high costs of environmental remediation.

The Fundación Biosfera provides advice and services to companies and institutions to help them minimize their negative impact, to increase their added value and to obtain greater profitability for commercial and environmental objectives.

The production and the environment must be reconciled, making responsible production a pillar of sustainable development.

The Fundación aims an approach to the issues raised through the concepts of interdisciplinary, social and environmental contextualization. This way, all aspects of reality are systematically integrated in a socio-economical and ecological way.

A meeting or a visit can be arranged to analyze the situation for which a company wants to consult the Fundación. Then the most appropriate solutions for each case are evaluated for resolution, and depending on the scenario and agreeing with the plaintiff, an action plan is established.

The advice can vary according to the needs of the establishment concerned. We carry out specific short term consultations, or work in greater depth with a development and monitoring over a prolonged period.

The Fundación carries out various projects in the public and private spheres, providing environmental management advice for companies and official agencies. The Fundación helps the implementation of energy-saving and efficiency mechanisms into the industry, and we also conduct campaigns for good environmental practices.

Reports and studies are carried out about the environmental impact of industrial processes.

Environmental educational workshops are conducted for companies staff, public officials, schools and institutions.

Whether it be in urban or suburban areas, we conduct studies and investigations to get the real facts. We then rase awareness into the community by providing an appropriate response and education about actions that could possibly lead to the pollution of the environment.

Advice is given on the enactment of national laws and municipal ordinances.

We have co-organized numerous times international meetings on Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) and climate change, as well as studies on alternative energy sources.

Since many of these themes are new, companies consult the Fundación to have answers, within a framework of sustainable development, which would lead to increased dividends, to job creation and to the preservation of natural resources.

    Services offered

    Consultancy and outsourcing in:

  1. Environmental education: workshops, courses, seminars
  2. Advice for National, Provincial and Municipal Environmental Legislation
  3. Analysis of environmental management systems
  4. Environmental audits (partial and total)
  5. Environmental Impact Assessments
  6. Environmental Reports
  7. Solid, liquid and gaseous wastes: analysis, management and treatment
  8. Granting of Certification Seal: organic production free of synthetic chemicals
  9. Granting of Ecoefficiency Certification Seal: optimization of processes within the company. Efficiency of energy management