Assist and Guide Citizens

What do we want to accomplish with this programme?

Assist and guide citizens to channel complaints, consultations, presentations, doubts and proposals in situations related to environmental issues. We take into account people’s rights to a dignified life, a healthy environment, health, information and citizen participation, among others.

In which cases can we assist them?

We can assist citizens with any environmental issue that is thought to affect their rights, such as the following issues:

  • Public trees
  • Water and drinking water networks
  • Sewage ductwork and trash
  • Urban constructions

We also receive citizen proposals to analyze them and suggest different projects to address the issue.

For what purpose?

We want to effectively assist, accompany and transmit citizen submissions, thus avoiding the uncertainties that may occur in concrete cases and we want to attend daily needs related to such situation.

What is the base principle?

In many cases, people don’t know their rights, which makes difficult to effectively put them in application. Often, citizens don’t know what state or private entity they can turn to, neither how to present their request.

How to submit a claim or proposal?

It can be done in person or via telephone to the Fundación Biosfera, or through the following form.