Our Team of Fundation

Horacio Pablo de Beláustegui


Titleholder of Fundación Biosfera as Observer NGO in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Gabriel Rozas

Adviser and consultant for special projects

Maria Belén Picherile

Project Assistant

Franco Damian Barenboim

Administration of Certifications and Queries

Pablo de Beláustegui

General administration and distance training

Evelina Barreto

Project assistant

Nazarena Gómez

Administration and travel expenses management

Marcos Gómez

Countability and social media

Martín Dobarro

Statistics administration

David Tettamanti

Project assistant

Mauro Segovia

Charge of the Huerta Social (“Social Garden”)

Ariel Lanzetta

Informatics equipment maintenance

Nerina Berthelot

Administration and requests management

Daniel Gimeno

Environmental education monitor

Cristiam Alexander Trujillo López

Designer and visual communication

Current Interns

  • Alix Ruhlmann – Montreal, Canadá
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