Activities carried out by the Foundation

The problem of climate change is the central axis of the work done in the Fundación Biosfera; its members are involved in different projects and organizations, both locally and globally.

Since 1998, the Foundation has been an observer NGO in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Together with the NGOs Care International, Oxfam, Greenpeace International and WWF International, the Fundación Biosfera was elected to be part of the CAN International Board of Directors, represented by Enrique Maurtua Konstantinidis. CAN is a global network of more than 900 NGOs acting in around a hundred countries and working to limit climate change of human origin.

Soybean cultivation, implementation of renewable energies, cattle raising as an environmental challenge, effects of climate change: all are topics covered in the diverse environmental researches being carried out by the Fundación.

Collecting statistics, facts, making public surveys, asking experts and conveying studies on the field are necessary components to know and understand reality. It is the Fundación’s work to observe, to put this information in context and to make the results obtained available to all citizens, so that together we can take measures to change this reality and create a city, a region, and thus a more sustainable world.

We are growing a garden in Los Altos de San Lorenzo neighbourhood (Calle 82 and 16). What was once a abandoned land is now an active place. The objective of this initiative is to promote food sustainability and self-sufficiency by creating access to healthy and affordable food.

Our interns and volunteers carried out several projects in cooperation with people from the neighbourhood, so today the garden has an ecological oven, a greenhouse built with recycled materials and an access to running water. If you want to collaborate in the garden, contact us here!

Today's companies need to be recognized for their good environmental practices to win foreign markets. They must take into account process efficiency, use of energy, adequacy of inputs and try not to generate waste, whose treatment generates extra costs.

In terms of natural resources, good management and production practices avoid contamination of soil, air and water that would cause high-cost negative impacts and limit environmental remediation.

The Fundación Biosfera provides advice and services to companies and institutions to help them minimize their negative impact, to increase their added value and to obtain a greater profitability for commercial and environmental objectives.

The production and the environment must be reconciled by making responsible production a pillar of sustainable development.

Consultancy and outsourcing in:

  • Environmental education: workshops, courses, seminars
  • Advice on National, Provincial and Municipal Environmental Legislation
  • Analysis of environmental management systems
  • Environmental audits (partial and total)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Reports